Go.cone - ability to style cones

Hello all,

Basically what I am wondering is what capability is there of styling the cones in go.cone - basically what we have is a 3d quiver plot, and we would like to represent the data without the cones being so coney, IE if I could transform a cone projection to look just like a simple line. From what I can see from the reference, I can not (plotly.graph_objects.Cone β€” 5.14.1 documentation) but I am wondering if you all have any ideas. Any other suggestions for representing a 3d quiver plot where I could style the vectors would also be helpful!

Thank you!


There isn’t any way to change the cone shape, as far as I’ve found. One way you could get around the cone issue is using a 3D scatter plot or maybe a different 3D graph type that allows for customization.