Ggplotly adding lines when using ggmap

I want to create a scatterplot on a ggmap with plotly’s hover overs. I’m running into an issue though, where when I convert the ggplot to a plotly object, plotly is adding lines between my points.

My code is here:

lon = c(-84.390099, -84.364393)
lat = c(33.771058, 33.792603)

test = tibble(
  Latitude = runif(20, lat[1], lat[2]),
  Longitude = runif(20, lon[1], lon[2])

base_map <- get_map(location = c(lon = mean(lon), lat = mean(lat)), zoom = 14, maptype = "toner-background")

p <- ggmap(base_map) +
        scale_x_continuous(limits = lon, expand = c(0, 0)) +
        scale_y_continuous(limits = lat, expand = c(0, 0)) +
                   aes(x=Longitude, y=Latitude), 
                   color=I("red"), size=I(2)

This creates my map:

When I instead use ggplotly to convert the object, I get:


This is problematic both because my map doesn’t show up, and because it’s now connecting the lines. Do you guys know what’s going on?