Get Scatter Slider Value

Currently I am trying to display the slider value behind the plotly graph so the user can see the value the slider is on without having to look at the slider.

I have read places that the slider itself does not have any notation of timing, so my question is there anyway to get the value that the slider is on in order to display it?

I have tried fetching “data unformated” which is where the slider label is displayed but it returns a list of all the time values rather than the selected one?

Any ideas or work arounds would be greatly appreciated!


Have you tried setting:


Thank you for the response @etienne , I have tried this and It works for me however I would like to display something similar to this:

As well as the label on the slider. I would like to display the the large year value in the background preferably using Javascript. In order to do this I would need to fetch the current value from the slider. Where in javascript it seems to be giving me issues.

If anyone has any answer’s regarding this I am still looking.