Get mouse's position on click

I’m wondering is it able to get user mouse’s position when user click on the plot?
What I want to achieve is, when I click on the plot, I can get the correspond x and y value on this plot, so that I can then plot this point on the graph. It’s kind of like I use my mouse to draw the plot.
I’ve been looking through this page, but couldn’t find the one I want.
Appreciate for any guidance!

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Here’s how:

How could this be done in Python?

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Wrong values displayed. We are expecting x, y in the plot coordinates.

You should transform pointer position to cartesian point.

`var xAxis = gd._fullLayout.xaxis;
 var yAxis = gd._fullLayout.yaxis;
 var marginLeft = gd._fullLayout.margin.l;
 var marginTop = gd._fullLayout.margin.t;
 console.log(xAxis.p2c(d.event.layerX - marginLeft));
 console.log(yAxis.p2c(d.event.layerY - marginTop));`

Can you read a secondary axis using gd._fullLayout ?

Yes, you can.
var xAxis2 = gd._fullLayout.xaxis2;
var yAxis2 = gd._fullLayout.yaxis2;