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Get list of all the ids with click events on a box plot

Hi all,

I’m not a js expert at all, so the question could sound weird. Thanks to the recent update of plotly, all the plots have now the chance to add the ids parameter.
What I’m trying to do is to get (e.g. in the console.log) the ids of the clicked plot feature.

While it is pretty straightforward with the scatter plot where each point has only one ids, I have some trouble with box plot (and all the plot types that aggregate data).

This is the simple example with the scatter plot:


where i get the ids of the clicked point in the console.log.

This is the code for a simple box plot where more boxes appear in the same plot:


Here by clicking on the box I get only a single ids while, what I’d like to get, is the list of all ids for each plot when clicked.

I hope I could explain the problem.

Thanks for any hint and suggestion