Get a path of a painted figure

I want to know please if there is a method to get the path of the painted structure.
Even a regular shape( cercle)

Hi @saifedine, yes, you can! You can look at this tutorial for interaction with dcc.Graph:

The summary is you can make a callback that listens to relayoutData, and this will contain the shape one just drew. For example, if you want to store the shapes in a store, you can do something like this:
Output("my_store", "data"),
[Input("graph", "relayoutData")])
def react_to_drawing(graph_relayoutData):
    if graph_relayoutData and "shapes" in graph_relayoutData.keys():
        # ... extract the shapes by looking in graph_relayoutData['shapes']
    # .. generate data somehow, or  just leave as [] to not return any data
    return data