Geolocate not working on server

I used the new dcc.Geolocation component and it works really well when hosting locally.
But when I tried hosting it on, it does not prompt the location permission window.
My code is pretty much exactly the example code as given here.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I have not been able to get any error messages.
I made sure the server is using the same version of Dash and Flask.

Hi @ian2

Be sure the HTTPS is enabled, else Geolocation will not be available.

Check out the dcc.Geolocation demo app on pythonanywhere.


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Hi AnnMarieW, thank you very much.
I was wondering about https! It is definitely not enabled so that explains it!
I’ll try it when I get around to it.

Note to the devs. You may wanna add this to the docs

Thank you for your clear response. It worked right away!

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I have the same issue while working on my local machine. I am running the same code as in example, it give time date and location without authentication. What is issue??