Game animations on Plotly

I made some game animations with Plotly figures. Nothing spectacular or useful, but I had fun implementing them.

Here is a Pac-Man animation (Pacmanimation):

This was implemented with animating a pie chart.


Here is a Tetris animation (Plotris) with music:

This was done by animating a stacked bar chart.


You may check the projects on Github:


Cute app, @Tuomas_Gu
Thank you for sharing with us.

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Thanks to your idea, I started thinking how to gamify this and I ended up embedding a third-party game on it. Now you select with a radio item an animation or a game that can be played with a keyboard.


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It keeps getting better. Thank you @Tuomas_Gu . Love the old sound effect :slight_smile:

Great job! Maybe you can go a step further and bring us a game that can really be played next time. :laughing:

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