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Functionality to change color of line with click

Hello, I’m wondering - is it possible to change the colour of a line dynamically (ie. once clicked)?

I have set up a plot:

p2<-plot_ly(dt_calculate_subset_Freqvsiddq(),x=~get(input$Options_X), y=~get(input$Options_Y), name=‘speed’, type=‘scatter’, mode=‘markers+lines’, source=‘viewDataPlt1’) %>%

I’m using the “source” parameter and then using an output:

eventdata <- event_data(“plotly_click”,source=“viewDataPlt1”)

I can obtain the curveNumber for instance, but is there any way to manipulate that specific curve with that information? It seems like the curveNumber is a good method of doing this, since it is a distinct number for every curve on the plot.



Hi @prateek.mohan1

perhaps these docs will be of interest:

coupled events


Thanks bcd! Yeah, these helped me tie together the functionality I needed.