Filtering one more more traces out with figurewidget, using Flask App

I have a flask app that plots a plotly.go figure with many traces. Some users want to only see certain traces while others may want to see other traces. I have seen drop downs and radio buttons within figurewidget but, from what ive seen, it filters out all traces but one.

Is figure widget the best way (or a good way, anyway) to execute this?

If figurewidget is the best way, can you guys point me in the right direction on widget functions to allow me to select multiple traces?

I feel like a column of radio buttons would be a good choice, kind of like the way the legend works? The reason I donโ€™t like the legend filtering is because the y-axis doesnโ€™t change. Iโ€™d like the figure to be more compact when many traces are โ€œturned offโ€.

Thanks in advance!