Facet_row labeling bug

When using Plotly express and assigning the same value to facet_row and color there is a mismatch in info displayed in the plot

The code is in this format with additional traces for percentiles:

px.histogram(data, x='x', color='Client', facet_row='Client').add_traces(etc)

The color assigned is correct, but the facet_row labels are incorrect. For example the first facet claims to be “HenryFord” in color but its label says “Methodist”

I’ve reviewed the data and tried a few different approaches but no matter what I try this won’t be fixed, so I’m thinking this is a bug. Anyone know how to fix?

This was a bug in plotly version 4.0.0 but was fixed in version 4.1.0. The current latest version of plotly is 4.1.1 and we recommend upgrading to it to avoid this bug.