Extracting legend to put in separate window on its own?

Hello all!

I am currently building a plotly dash app for a school project and had a technical question. The project involves users uploading data that is then plot to a cartesian plot (4 quadrants). This is straightforward and I have it working but the issues arise from two key points: 1) The plot itself must be square. Due to how the data is the X and Y axis must have the same limits and remain square to not bias visual interpretation. 2) When I add a legend there are legend names that are long and as a result force the graph to become skewed to make everything fit in the plot size (800px x 800px).

My question: Is it possible to either extract the legend so that it can be put in a new plot window so that it doesn’t change the actual plotting area? If not is there a setting that will force the plotting area to stay at a defined size?