Express scatter with multiple disconnected lines

I want to generate a scatter plot with multiple lines and with different symbols within each line. It looks like this:

First I use px.scatter to draw the points with filled circles.
Next I add lines with open diamonds to some of the points that are already plotted. So I do this with px.add_scatter.
But what I really want is to draw those lines in a single call with both filled circles and open diamonds.
Here are my problems.

  1. Only px.scatter allows lines with changing symbols. Can I draw multiple lines with one call to px.scatter?
  2. px.add_scatter would seem to be the answer, but it does not allow drawing of lines with multiple symbols!
  3. And there is go.Scatter, but it also does not support lines with multiple symbols.
    Plotly feels like an unfinished API. Do I need to take the source and modify it myself?