Expandable sidebar in plotly dash

Is there a way to create an expandable sidebar like this in plotly dash? It would expand on hover. I was thinking of doing a col with a modal, I have also seen the simple sidebar example. Thank you!

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It’s possible but will require a little bit of custom CSS.

Check out this example


You can try AntdSider + AntdMenu in my open source components library fac(feffery-antd-components)feffery-antd-components在线文档 , pretty easy😀



Thank you! Ill check it out! Looks really cool

Thank you! I’ll play around with it, ill see if I can get to the state of a working product. I figured there might already be some dbc component I’m just aware of.

This can also be done using dash-boostrap-components and mantine libraries


And one i didn’t even know existed from the makers of dash-extensions


Oh, this is awesome! Thank you!

Hi, stumbled upon this great contribution. Many Thanks.
Being very Python, and not so React/JS, I have no idea how to integrate this amazing “react-burger-menu” within my dash application. Could you please suggest some insights ?
It seems you could use from dash-extensions import Burger at some point, but this does not appear to be the case anymore in the current version…