Examples of really complicated dash apps with tens of inputs


Can anyone point me to any Dash sample apps that is collecting a lot of user inputs ? I am looking for ideas on layout to help make the design easier on my app which requires 10’s of inputs. Any help is appreciated


Hello @UdayGuntupalli

I suggest looking at the app gallery on the dash-plotly website ( Dash Enterprise). There are a ton of complex apps to look at. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been looking at the gallery, but none specifically has the number of inputs that I am talking of. I could have missed them, but if you are aware of anything, please point me to it.

Think of TurboTax as an example, if you were to design something like Turbotax with Dash, what would it look like when you have so many inputs ?

What are the challenges that you are facing with many inputs specifically? I could write an app with 100 drop downs in a few lines, but I guess that is not what you are looking for?


Here are a couple of things that I am conflicted with in the design and looking for samples to see how the community has solved similar problems using dash. Here is a mock I compiled


  1. The # of inputs is not negotiable, so I am going to deal with as many inputs shown here or more
  2. The drop-downs are a misrepresentation because I don’t know what values to offer the user to pick, but the idea is that the user will be allowed to provide a list of inputs in each of those cases rather than a single input


  1. What layout would be able to handle something like this without looking really cluttered ?
  2. I have a couple of tabs in the mockup which are not evident, essentially besides the inputs that are shown I need to collect monthly data as well as annual data (i.e. data with varying frequency) - any ideas on that logical separation in the UI ?

I hope this gives you some idea of the complexity.


What I usually do is to hide some of my input parameters with dbc.Collapse or dbc.Modal. However, I only hide parameters that are optional, i.e. I’m able to fill them with some default values and the user can tweak them only if he needs to.

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You may also consider using a data table with embedded drop downs.

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@chriddyp ,

Doesn’t the Dropdowns inside datatable require us to know what options to offer to the user to select ?

Yes. If you want to allow arbitrary values then just use a regular editable cell.