Every selection trigger the function, But how can i do this with only Button?

I have a sceneria like this:

I have 5 different dropdowns and every of them selecting binary options. You can take this as:

after this 5 input/dropdown selection I click a button, then smth happens.
My problem is: Every dropdown selection triggers the function.

I wanna select 5 dropdown options. Anter after I TRIGGER THE FUNCTION IF AND ONLY IF I CLICK THE BUTTON, but it triggers after every dropdown selection.

How can I solve this problem??

You can check out the last example on this page Basic Callbacks | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly where you store the state of the button. Once n_click is changed to one, you can then perform the action that you would want to do like seeing an update of your graph.

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I solved my problem with this:

class Trigger:
    def __init__(self, n_click_):
        self.n_click_ = n_click_

    def ifTrigger_(self, n_clickNEW):
        if ((self.n_click_ != n_clickNEW) & (n_clickNEW == 0)):
            ifTrigger = False
            self.n_click_ = 0
        elif (self.n_click_ != n_clickNEW):
            self.n_click_ = n_clickNEW
            ifTrigger = True
            ifTrigger = False
        return ifTrigger
button_ = Trigger(0)

I run this class begining of the page and after thisline i initiate it with:

button_ = Trigger(0)

and after this in the Callback function i used this:

def modelOzetiYazma(x1 ,x2 ,x3 ,x4 ,x5 , n_click_):
    didChange_= button_.ifTrigger_(n_click_)
    if (didChange_):
         print(' Now it is doing what i want')
         return x,y,z,d
    return None, None, None, 0

NOTE: There is 3 different if clause bc:

  • first one for: If i use it several times and after this I refreshed the page. Bc when i refresh the page n_clickNEW is turning 0 again and I should force with this problem. It should not trigger the function.

  • second one for: If nclick change or not?

  • third one is for: If there is no change in nclick but other.