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Events and callbacks in Plotly

I am currently using C3 which is now not developing fast. I decided to evaluate Plotly. I see that Plotly is complex library comparing to C3 so it is much heavier. I think C3.js is designed in JS-fashion: emitting events and using callbacks. From what I can see Plotly is designed to be used in JS, Python, Matlab and R so I guess it works differently. Maybe I spent too little time to learn Plotly and I missed a few important things about it. What I would expect from Plotly is to emit events when one hovers a chart or use callbacks to format data which is shown in tooltips. Am I just missing how to use it? I haven’t looked into source code of Plotly - only looked at examples and documentation.

Here’s some docs about how to use plotly.js events:

As you pointed, plotly is mostly used as a JS shell around calls from Python, R and MATLAB at the moment, so our docs about pure-JS use are limited. We hope to improve these as more people use plotly.js.

Hiya! Plotly now has improved and consolidated Plotly.js event documentation here:

Please feel free to suggest documentation improvements in a pull request: