Error when running plotly on python jupyter notebook

Hi! even I have a similar kind of error on my windows system when I am trying to create a heatmap:

module ‘plotly.validators.layout.mapbox.layer’ has no attribute ‘CoordinatesValidator’

and I have only one copy of plotly ( 4.1.0) ,chart-studio(1.0.0) and cufflinks(0.16) running on my system.
Could you help me with it?

This seems like a corrupted installation of plotly… The recommended path forward here is to uninstall plotly with both conda remove plotly and pip uninstall plotly and then reinstall it with one or the other but not both. Please let me know if this works!

If you’ve installed cufflinks then it’s possible your installation of plotly was downgraded and/or you’ve got an older version of plotly installed in parallel with version 4.