Error Loading Layout after Dash Core Component upgrade

I used pip install in terminal to upgrade dash-core-components (do not use Pycharm, does not upgrade appropriately). My error of no ‘Tab’ went away, now it is complaining ‘Error Loading Layout’ - previously, the dashboard was working before I (a) added Tabs and Tab; (2) upgraded dash and dash-component

Update: still experiencing ‘Error Loading Layout’. Tried a few suggestions by searching the forum, with no success. Please help. I’m completely stuck. Previously I have the following (and the app worked). Should I downgrade?

Now I have:

Confirmed that it is the new Dash upgrade. I ran the simple app from code here: It gave me the same error. Looks like I will need to downgrade.

Resolved! Reverted back to dash_core_components==0.24.0rc2. Works now!

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dash_core_components==0.24.0rc2 is an old release candidate meant for testing, you should not be using that version. You probably have old props that got refactored before release in your code, if you post your code it would help.

That is supposed to give you an error. The name of that example is “dash error loading layout”, it’s just an example I made to help out some community members who faced a similar error. From the README of that project

This repo contains all of the Dash examples that I have created while helping out the Dash community on 🎛️ Dash - Plotly Community Forum.
These examples are unordered and unorganized and they might not be helpful (yet) without the context that the Dash community forum provided while creating them.

So, please use read the official user guide for examples and documentation: Part 2. Layout | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly.