Error in the callback

Hi all,

I’m bulding many pages with Dash, and on my callbacks, i’m depending os Store component so i can use the result of a call into another, this worked fine in my first page, but in the second, i was doing the same, but i face an error saying

raise SchemaTypeValidationError(value, full_schema, path, expected_type)

dash._grouping.SchemaTypeValidationError: Schema: [<Output>]
Path: ()
Expected type: (<class ‘tuple’>, <class ‘list’>)
Received value of type <class ‘dict’>:

and yes i want to pass a dictionary from the first callback,

appreciate you help.

Wrap your returned dictionary with squared brackets.

return [your_dict]

It worked when i change the id name of Store component that i’m using to have the result , Dash is wired !