Error in dash-multi-page-app-demos

The dash multipage demo doesn’t work for me. I get an error like this on my screen.
Here’s the background callback with cache.

dash multipage demo

Hi @Osako

Please check the dependencies – the caching demo requires:

Flask-Caching>= 2.0.1

I checked but it doesn’t work.
It happens when opening the example2 and example3 pages.

I’m still getting the error.
Anyone know a solution?


When I run it, I don’t get any errors. It might be an issue with Windows.
@adamschroeder do you have any suggestions?

hi @Osako Hi @AnnMarieW
I have a windows machine. I git cloned the repo and installed the dependencies that Ann mentioned. The multi_page_cache_background_callback app works well. I didn’t get any errors.

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