Error importing dash-table “cannot import name _explicitize_args”

When I tried to run the example from the plotly documetation. it throws below error.

What version of all the dash libraries are you on? e.g. I am on these:

dash 0.30.0
dash-core-components 0.38.1
dash-html-components 0.13.2
dash-renderer 0.15.1
dash-table 3.1.7

ooh. I see these versions on my machine.

dash 0.21.0
dash-core-components 0.23.1
dash-html-components 0.11.2
dash-renderer 0.11.1
dash-table 3.1.7

Looks like your components are out of date, try updating them and running again.

For Pip:

pip install --upgrade dash dash-core-components dash-html-components dash-renderer

For Conda:

conda install dash dash-core-components dash-html-components dash-renderer -c conda-forge
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I thou this could be an issue. The thing is packages are out of date in our organization store. I can connect to pip only when I reach home. I will upgrade and let you know. Thanks!

dash 0.21.0 doesn’t contains _explicitize_args, it was added later.

Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know.

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