Error: Client error: (413) Request Entity Too Large

I’m trying to upload a graph from RStudio on 4.7.0 and got this message. I have 4.5 installed on another computer and don’t receive this error. Is this a new problem? And what are the size-limits for each plan? There seems to be absolutely no information on that that I can find.

Thanks for any help.

I also have this issue! When I try to upload a graph from Rstudio with api_create() I get this error:

Error: lexical error: invalid char in json text.
413 Reques
(right here) ———^

I tried to upload it since I have a lot of data points and I used WebGL like the examples showed.

I would like to know the size limits as well. It seems remiss to exclude this from the information about plans, it just has a maximum number of plots.