Entering a value and getting an image as output

I made a tiny app where I input the name of the image I want to see. The image is stored in my directory. Once I enter the name of the image file, I expect the image to appear as it is the output, however it does not. Here is my code:

app = JupyterDash(__name__)

app.layout = html.Div([
                       dcc.Input(id = "image_name"),
                       html.Img(id = 'image')

    Output('image', 'src'),
    [Input('image_name', 'name')]

def update_image(name):
  src = "/content/Pipeline/building_image/"+name
  return src


Ps. I am using an colab instance. What could be the issue here?

Hi @A.jyad

The property to get the dcc.Input selected by the user is ‘value’ not ‘name’, change the input in the callback for:

Input('image_name', 'value')