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Embedding EA Sports Madden player cards

I am building a football web app and want to embed Madden ratings into the dash app. I am brand new to Dash, and had trouble finding anything about this in the documentation.

For example, Tom Brady’s card can be accessed with this div tag:

<div madden-player-card="qfuf477fqa9rt6ng9j026khl8c" data-host="www.easports.com" data-iteration="2" data-year="19" data-skill-1="awr" data-skill-2="spd" data-skill-3="acc" data-skill-4="agi" data-skill-5="str">
<script src="//madden-assets-cdn.pulse.ea.com/embed/player-card-loader.js"></script>

Note the js at the end. Can I utilize this in layout simply by ‘translating’ the div tag into Dash’s html.Div format? If so how would I start this? Any considerations to handle the external js information?

Thanks in advance.