Embed Paypal raw html code into dash app

Hi All

Anybody had inserted an html generated code in the python dash layout?
Paypal appears to generate the html with some js with it and i struggle to find a way of succesfully embed into a section of a dah app

any clues?

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I couldnt find an easy way to implement the JS PayPal quick button so I just used the API and created my own buttons. Maybe this tutorial will help?

Here is a simple implementation of the PayPal subscription functionality in a Dash App. Maybe it can be of some use? I use the Python paypal checkout SDK, but write two classes to use the subscription api. Then I implement a subscribe button that redirects the user through paypal to complete the transaction. Once logged back in, the user sees the subscriber view.

Thanks @bendgame

Very comprehensive this tutorial, I wish I could have found something similar back in march

But I went back to the origins of my learnings in python and found that the guy who i was following in my early python lessons had a tutorial of paypal subscription built on flask, still works!!!

https://pythonprogramming.net/paypal-flask-tutorial/. It is a well explained tutorial of the basics built upon flask. But in order to merge his tutorial with dash environment I had to tweak the declaration of app = dash.Dash(server = server) being “server = Flask(name)” earlier above

It works as expected, no clashes so far