Editing the legend symbols

I’ve been using Plotly for a while now and it’s great! However, I’ve ran into a bit of an issue recently and I just can’t find an answer.

I’m plotting out multiple traces to create a bubble chart (example of one below) and to get data labels on I’ve set mode=‘markers+text’. However, now when it plots, the legend symbols show the colour dot for my bubble chart, but also show Aa underneath it. For one of the groups, I’ve set the textposition=‘bottom right’, and as you can see the legend symbol has followed suit! I want to be able to just remove the Aa below the colour marker, is this easily achieved? I know an alternative is to use annotations instead of markers+text, but I was wondering if it’s at all possible to edit these. Thanks!

trace0 = go.Scatter(
x=df[df['CustomerCategory'] == 'A']['freqprop'],
y=df[df['CustomerCategory'] == 'A']['freq'],
name='Group A',
text=str(df[df['CustomerCategory'] == 'A']['NumberInCategory'][0]) + " | " + str(df[df['CustomerCategory'] == 'A']['AveragePerGroup'][0]) + " | " + str(df[df['CustomerCategory'] == 'A']['MedianPerGroup'][0]),
    size=df[df['CustomerCategory'] == 'A']['Bubble'],


There’s no way to do that at the moment unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply! Annotations it is then!

here is the solution to hide the Aa labels on legends

get the plotly reference id and find the legend text element and apply the css styling

$("#id").find(“g.pointtext”).find(“text”).css(“visibility”, “hidden”);

add below html to head of the page’s html

g.pointtext {
display: none;


add script to html

$(".pointtext").css(‘display’, ‘none’);

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What’s the function of the “Aa” marker?

Any update on this? Is there any way we can remove the Aa in python?
I plot one point per group with markers and showlegend=True to add the legend, then plot the complete graph with markers+text and showlegend=False. However, this is an ugly solution. I am looking for a better way to do it in python.