Editable table copy paste problem

Hi everyone,

I need help with one issue. I created a DashTable with editable feature when the user tries to copy paste a data with enters on and it creates new lines into the table and it crashes.

Do you have any suggestions ?


Hello @secret,

It’s a little hard to know what exactly is going on, could you please provide an MRE?

Hello, sorry for the lack of information.

So, I have an editable DashTable. I can edit the columns one by one. During the edit, if I paste a really long text like paste a page, the structure of the table is getting broken. The paste creates new lines and the whole table deteriorate as in the pictures.

Ah, you can setup maximum column widths so that this doesnt happen. :slight_smile:

Width or height ?

I put maxHeight = 0. Still happening

You’ll need to adjust the width.

it is happening with maxwidth = 0 for multiple lines. When I copy paste a long data to editable table. Pasted data overflows to the other rows and deteriorates the whole table.

Check out this part:

Note, the important part is what you do with the overflow, otherwise it will just force it to expand. :slight_smile:

I think I could not explain my problem well. So, the problem is not weight or height, if you copy a paragraph which has bunch of new lines, and if you paste that paragraph to one spot in the table such as [1,1] index, those new line entries put each of them in to other rows and all paragraph pasted into [1,1] , [1,2], [1,3].

So, I need a preprocessing for input to change those lines into space so that it can be converted into a sentence so that it would not affect other rows.

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I dont know if there is a way to currently keep this from happening.