Editable Data table as dataframe of graph

I am creating an app that displays a data table showing the projects being worked on by each individual member of the group. Another tab also displays graphs based on the data calculated from the dataframe of this data table. I want to create another tab to modify this data table and what I have done is to call the same datatable but now editable is set to true.

My question is how am I able to update the graph and the table on the first two tabs with the edited cells in the ‘modify’ tab and at the same time saving the edited entries? I was thinking of just saving a csv file everytime it is edited but this would mean I would get a lot of csv files and it would be a waste of storage space. Is there a better way to do this?

PS. I am very new to Dash apps (less than a month of actual use) I hope to understand any of your help :slight_smile: