Dynamically adding frames to animations?

From the examples I’ve gathered it seems the frames key of e.g. a go.Figure is a tuple and hence of “fixed size” so to speak.

I’d need to make an animation with a (potentially very) large number of frames, so it would be unpractical to precompute all the frames (but conversely in my case it would be relatively quick to compute a single frame or a small number of frames). Is there a way to use something like a callback / a lambda / whatever that would “feed” the animation continuously instead of a having a fixed initial tuple for the frames ?

Hope the question makes sense :wink:

Here a filter transform was used to create a cumulative animation without precomputing each frame.

However, unfortunately transforms are maked as deprecated in plotly.js v2 (and plotly.py v5) and will be removed in a future version.