Dynamic Dash with different modes

Hello Dash Community,

I’m still having a bit of trouble putting a dynamic structure on my dashboard.

Basically the dashboard consists of 3 components:

  1. dropdown menu with different modes to choose from.
  2. a drag&drop area that appears only after selecting a mode.
  3. a dynamic area that contains completely different components depending on the mode.

My approach was to set up a class for each mode, in which a list of dash components is created, which are then simply bound to the dynamic area in the main application as children.

Unfortunately I get some problems with the @app.callback - decorator.
In fact, I would like to describe the callbacks for each mode separately since they are different components with completely different IDs.

Therefore the general question, if this should be done in Dash at all or if there is a better solution if you want to add components dynamically from a certain dashboard “junction”.

I’ve read a lot about “pattern-matching-callbacks”, but this is more about generically created components without prior definition - much more I want to describe all components but just add them dynamically.

Can anyone help me with this?