Dynamic change of layout element's property

some_list = ['A', 'B']
dcc.Checklist(  id='checklist_1',
                options={'label': 'LabA', 'value': 'valueA'}

Is it possible to dynamically change layout property from outside app.layout declaration?

For example, can I change content of ‘options’, of just ‘label’, from within callback when app is running.

My tests suggest that app.layout is read only once at initialization but want to confirm if I’m correct.

Hi @Marcas

Yes, you can update any of the properties of this component in a callback.

can you show me how or point me to some source, pls.

See the example called “Dash App With Chained Callbacks” on this page: https://dash.plotly.com/basic-callbacks

The example updates the options and value properties of dcc.RadioItems, but it works the same way with dcc.Checklist

Too much screen time, I guess.
To say the truth I was looking for a way to change properties by modifying app.layout directly.
Anyway, thanks AnnMarieW, I didn’t see what was in front of me all the time.