Dynamic Callback with Graph, slider range and BooleanSwitch

Dear Community,

I am currently with dynamic callback but I am struggling to find a working solution. Let me explain my issue.

I have to update several graphs according to slider value or boolean switch. I have created this first version of callback.

@app.callback([Output(‘GraphRes-{}-{}’.format(j,1), ‘figure’) for j in range(NbMapsRes)], [Output(‘GraphRes-{}-{}’.format(j,2), ‘figure’) for j in range(NbMapsRes)], [Input(‘SliderRangeRes-{}’.format(j),‘value’) for j in range(NbMapsRes)],[Input(‘BooleanSwitchRes-{}’.format(j),‘on’) for j in range(NbMapsRes)],Input(‘tabs’, ‘active_tab’),prevent_initial_call=True)

This callback is working for GraphRes-0-1 and GraphRes-0-2 but not the other graph. ctx.triggered is null.

I tried :

for j in range(NbMapsCharge):
@app.callback([Output(‘GraphCharge-{}-{}’.format(j,1), ‘figure’),Output(‘GraphCharge-{}-{}’.format(j,2), ‘figure’)],
[Input(‘SliderRangeCharge-{}’.format(j),‘value’),Input(‘BooleanSwitchCharge-{}’.format(j),‘on’),Input(‘tabs’, ‘active_tab’)],prevent_initial_call=True)

I got the same issue.
So I tried the pattern matching with Match or ALL but it seems that the ‘type’ argument is not existing for graph, slider range and booleanswitch. Did I miss something?

If you know a discussion solving this issue or an idea in order to try something new, I am open to your suggestion.

Thanks a lot.

Romain (Not a Python Developper Guy)