Dynamic Bar Width

I have a subplot in my app layout that is updated via callback based on controls in my app. This callback outputs the figure property of my subplot, and I’m trying to figure out how I can update the width of the bars in my subplot when zooming in without updating the data in my subplot. I figured maybe I could write a callback that takes the state of the figure and runs an update_traces call on it, but I have no idea what my output could be given that I can only have one output in my app for my subplot figure property, and that’s already configured with a data update in it.

I’m just confused as to how to separate data/plot update from zoom-in bar width update. I tried updating the bar width in the single callback, but because of the data update in it based on control state, there’s a noticeable delay in the bar width update on zoom-in. The plot zooms in, and then a second later or so, the bar width changes. I’d like the bar width to change instantaneously as you zoom in.