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Dropdown with display:inline-block

I am not sure what I am missing but I am trying to have dropdowns with multi=True in the same line with other elements (another dropdown here for example), but when I tried with the code below (options are outside of the code)

dcc.Dropdown(id=‘left’, multi=True, placeholder=‘Dropdown 1’, style={“width”:“45vw”, ‘display’: ‘inline-block’}),
dcc.Dropdown(id=‘right’, multi=True, placeholder=‘Dropdown 2’, style={“width”:“45vw”, ‘display’: ‘inline-block’}),

the height of the dropdown with inline-block does not expand when the number of items selected exceeds the width of the dropdown (everything is selected in the top left dropdown like the bottom dropdown) (the clear all X button and drop down selection down arrow button are missing too)

Thank you!

Hi, were you able to solve this?