Dropdown options

I have a requirement of getting None value from the Dropdown option for example
dcc.Dropdown(id=‘max_features_rfc’, options=[{‘label’: ‘auto’, ‘value’: ‘auto’},
{‘label’: ‘sqrt’, ‘value’: ‘sqrt’},
{‘label’: ‘log2’, ‘value’: ‘log2’},
{‘label’: ‘None’, ‘value’: None}, ],

but I am getting an error saying invalid option for Dropdown options because of:
{‘label’: ‘None’, ‘value’: None}


You can’t set it as None, because that is no value.

If you need the option to be selectable, then you can’t put “None”. When you use it later replace the value with an if statement.

Thank you I did the same as an alternative

I just wanted to add, that booleans are a valid value, so you could use True/False.

i got it, Thank you