Drawing polygons on map using WKT

How would you draw polygon on map (OpenStreetMap / Mapbox for example ) from the WKT data?
Sample data may look like this:

POLYGON ((22.187395298332405 54.129384215793976, 22.187521225118218 54.129321957406574, 22.18766289275291 54.12943955650428, 22.187517289906026 54.12950642643068, 22.187395298332405 54.129384215793976))

I’ve looked at the docs, but at this point I’m even more confused.

In the end I’d like to draw a couple of those over a map (assignment over at college) and color them depending on the other value stored in pandas dataframe. For example I’d have a table containing buildings data, with columns for WKT and people in each and would draw those over a map with color of a polygon depending on the number of people in the building.