Drawing a vertical line through subplots

I’m trying to find a way to draw a vertical line through multiple subplots.

One of my subplots has a y axis that just acts as a label. The other subplot has values. When I click a point in either subplot, I want it to draw a vertical line through all subplots at the specified points x value. It only draws it through the first subplot. Any ideas how I might be able to achieve this?

This would be useful to allow a user to compare data between different graphs linked by the x axis but with different y axis.

User scenario is, Several items are for purchase at a store, that are usually purchased together. I keep track of the average cost of all of those items together, and I keep track of when they are restocked. I want an easy way to draw a line at one of those points to see where its cost is based on when it was restocked (or maybe better than just restocking an inventory count).

It’s far from perfect, but my JSFiddle that I am using to figure this out is here: https://jsfiddle.net/JimmyDev/jhjkuja5/


I figured it out myself.

I had to add “yref: ‘paper’” and it worked great.

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Hi JimmyDev,
Can You please past your ur code. I am looking for some thing similar.

Thank You