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Downloading plots with bigger size and higher resolution in Plotly Python offline

I wonder if there is a way to download plots with bigger size and higher resolution than the default ones in the Plotly Python offline. The default option is too small and low resolution for publication. And is it possible to export into a vector image instead of PNG? I found some information to do the same with Dash but not with Plotly Python.

@knam You can save the figs as pdf, eps or svg image, as follows:

import as pio
pio.write_image(fig, 'filename.pdf', width=700, height=775)

or ‘filename.eps’ etc

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Thank you. I think I will try to create a button to use the function, instead of one that comes with the toolbar. I wish there is a way to change the behavior of the toolbar download button.

I faced the same issue and finaly I found that chagning the picture resolution on this link

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@elewah It looks like a right solution though it is rather a global option. Thank you.