Doman error in Python API

I apologize in advance if this is a silly question, but I’m trying out plotly and I get the following error:

File “/Users/jasonsahl/tools/python-api/plotly/plotly/”, line 175, in iplot
return tools.embed(url, **embed_options)
File “/Users/jasonsahl/tools/python-api/plotly/”, line 412, in embed
!= session.get_session_config()[‘plotly_domain’]):
KeyError: ‘plotly_domain’

I’ve read the documentation and have browsed the forums, but can’t seem to find an answer for this. I’ve tried plotly out of Pip, as well as from the github site. My Python version is 2.7.10. Any advice/help would be appreciated.


Hey @jasonsahl

Not sure what’s going on here, haven’t seen this issue before. What version of the library are you using?

import plotly
print plotly.__version__

Thanks for the reply:

print plotly.version