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Does callbacks have timeout? if so how to manipulate it?

So i have a multiple page app where i generate different reports of interest since we use the same filter inputs for each page i have a function that dynamically creates a 2 callbacks for each figure.
One that receives all the filters input, calls a function that is passed as a parameter which returns a data frame. This data frame is stored in a hidden div. The second callback receives this hidden div as a input and based on other parameters modifies the figure every time the data changes.

This approach works fine but whenever the function which creates the dataframe in the first callback is to heavy (takes a lot of time about 3-4 minutes) the callback just dies ( loading animation dissapears but no figures are refreshed). The curious thing is that the data function is still executing in the backend ( my cache stores the dataframe generated so nextime the page loads it loads imediatly).

This sounds to me like the webpage script has timeout of some sort but i cant find a way to manipulate it from python does anybody knows something about this?

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Having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

Iā€™m also having this issue. Any updates?

Could it be something about websocket / ingress timeout?
If you deploy your app on Google Kubernetes Engine, try to create a BackendConfig, and set the following values to e.g 5 minutes:
spec.timeoutSec : 300
spec. connectionDraining. drainingTimeoutSec: 300
More info on