Documentation readability

Dear all,

I’m sure I’m not the only one thingking that the documentation is very long — as it should, given the detail — and that particularly in the Reference sections it becomes somewhat impractical. In fact, due to the amount of scrolling up and down, I risk saying that the main beneficiaries of this format are possibly my neighbours here in Switzerland: Logitech.

It’s a bit puzzling how is it that nobody thought of making folding handles per topic. As a concrete example, say you’re here: JavaScript Figure Reference: scatter Traces. You get to legendgrouptitle and you immediately have subtopics such as font and text.

Why can’t we collapse (or fold) legendgrouptitle, as well as all other topics with descendants?

This would increase the focus and for sure ease the process of finding the needles we need.

If I may add a word on this very discussion group, I’m getting on the righ-hand side suggestions of similar topics that, to be kind, are grossly off-topic, such as:

  • Hosting multiple Dash apps (uWSGI Emperor vs multi-page apps vs multi-app projects)
  • Announcing 4.13: Magical Error Messages and Documentation, plus Speedups and Faceted Maps
  • How to implement a multi-level drop-down menu

Clearly not an LLM doing this. Perhaps previewing our topic would prove more valuable than that.

Hi @ricardo-reis,

I totally agree with your first point. The documentation is really not the best in terms of user friendliness. just adding collapsing elements would help a lot.

The suggestions are off sometimes, you’re right. Maybe you did miss, that by hitting the escape button, the suggestions are being removed and you see a preview of your post.