Documentation or examples of 3D Ribbon graph in DASH?


I’m trying to find a way to plot a 3D histogram, knowing that this functionality is not yet supported by Dash.

The workaround I’m thinking about is a 3D ribbon, which would be “flat” between 2 dates, and then suddenly “jumps” to reach the next value.

Let’s say the dataset depicts the monthly evolution of pollen concentration in 20 different zones. Then, considering the first zone, I would have, say, “01-Jan-2019: 150 grains per cubic meter, 31-Jan-2015: 150 grains per cubic meter, 01-Feb-2019: 250 grains per cubic meter, 28-Feb-2019: 250 grains per cubic meter”, etc…Each time, the Ribbon would be flat “during the month”. And it would look like a 3D bar chart.

Now, I have 2 issues.

  1. I’ve downloaded the Drug Discovery Example, from but I can’t figure out what to change and how to modify the code to have a 3D Ribbon; I dont even find where is the doc about 3D scatter plot?
    In the best case I find this page but it looks like a plotly account is needed. How to get a 3D Ribbon in Dash? Does someone know where is the doc about this specific graph?

  2. Is it problematic to have Dates unequally spaced on the X axis, would they be recognized as dates by Dash, or would i need to plot “number” on the axis and label them as date?

Would be very grateful if someone has the answer I’ve been looking for over the last 2 days.

Thank you in advance!