Do a bar chart in scala

does scala have full support from plotly? I don’t see it in the pull down.

I tried to do a simple bar chart, and it fails.

val xs = (0 until 5)

// Generate random y
val ys = (0 until 5).map { i => 1  }

val p = Plot().withBar(xs, ys)

draw(p, "basic-scatter", writer.FileOptions(overwrite = true))
// returns  PlotFile(pbugnion:173,basic-scatter)

scala.MatchError: Bar(Vector(PInt(0), PInt(1), PInt(2), PInt(3), PInt(4)),Vector(PInt(1), PInt(1), PInt(1), PInt(1), PInt(1)),BarOptions(None)) (of class co.theasi.plotly.Bar)
at co.theasi.plotly.writer.FigureWriter$$anonfun$31.apply(FigureWriter.scala:274)

I trace the code to FigureWriter.writeInfos, and it does show the Bar is not one of the case options. Can someone point out how to do a bar chart in scala?