Distinguishing 1.0 (float) as 1 (int) from dcc.Input

Hello everyone,

today I discovered that dcc.Input treats the float input 1.0 as the integer 1.

In the documentation there is this warning:

There is a limitation when converting numbers like 1.0 or 0.0, the corresponding number type in callbacks is Integer instead of Float . Please add extra guard casting like float() within callbacks if needed.

If I want to distinguish the input 1.0 and 1, how would I do it? I have Regex in mind, but wonder if there are any better solutions.

Thanks a bunch!

Just curious, why do you need to distinguish between the two types? What’s your use case?

Float can represents percentage while integer represents the actual fraction.

I do realize that I also could just use two Input components, but that’s a nightmare design-wise.

I would argue it’s not good design to be able to input either fractions or percentage. Just make it clear in the input label which one should be used.

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Thanks for the input. I will do just that. Everything else seems to be too complicated.