Displaying Large Image Data

I’m trying to use Plotly to display a fairly large image (>2000 * 2000 pixels) and get around the general slowdown that causes to the zoom and pan functionality (required).

One option I’ve tried to implement is to follow the “Zoom on Static Images” tutorial found here: Images in Python. However, this doesn’t work. I’ve tested it with a variety of images of different sizes and I also notice that it doesn’t appear to be working in the tutorial either (I just see a blank grey-blue background with the Plotly modal bar visible on hover).

Is this functionality broken? If so, I hope someone could recommend an alternative way to display this large image matrix.

As a side note, is it possible to add two sliders to a plotly output? I’d like to be able to control brightness and contrast of the image, though perhaps at this point I should be looking at alternate tools?

Hey @rocolem, welcome to the community.

I’ve displayed similar images, the slowdown was not too bad for me. Not sure if this help in this context, but have you tryed using

px.imshow(your_image, binary_string=True)

You could use dash in combination with a clientside callback.

Hi AIMPED, thanks for the response. I’ve tried using the binary_strong argument and even with it the slowdown is a bit too much. Mostly on zoom the element lags quite a bit.

Dash isnt an option as the image is part of a larger fully responsive web-app. Though, I might be misunderstanding the limits of Dash.

I understand. There is a possibility to add sliders to a plotly figure, maybe you can use the modify function to change the brightness. I’ve never tried this, though.