Displaying intermediate results from query result stream until query finishes

Hey guys.

Right now I have a datatable that is populated based on a query to a database. This database query sometimes takes a looooong (did I say LONG) time. Luckily, I have a way of obtaining a result stream from this query, but I have no idea how to display this stream as I receive the results.

Right now I have an update_table method that queries the db, gets the results, and displays them whenever it is done. How should I go about querying the db, display the results received in the stream while the query is not finished, and when the query is finished print the final results?

If anyone needs any more clarification on my problem PLEASE let me know. I really really need help here!

Check this out…post is a little old but it should provide an option for you…

This looks very promising. I’ll try and use this tomorrow and I’ll let you know if this helps me! Thanks so much!