Display Y labels in a bar chart Python

2 hours that I try to change yaxis in order to display labels, Nothing works …

layout = go.Layout(margin = {"l":400})
data = px.bar(data_frame=count_metier, y=count_metier.index, x="count_metier", orientation = "h")

fig = go.Figure(data=data, layout=layout)

How could I do it ? I am loosing my nerves … :frowning:

Calmez s’il vous plaît! It appears that you are running an old Plotly version. With the last one, 5.6.0
(pip install plotly --upgrade),
and this code:

import plotly.graph_objects as go

fig = go.Figure(go.Bar( x=[20,19,25,9], y=["Chocolatier  choco au lait","Sylviculteur",
                                           "Socioculturelle","Critique gastronomique"], orientation= "h"))
fig.update_layout(xaxis_title="count métier", yaxis_title="métier", height=400)

i.e. no width or margin settings, I got this nice plot: