Display moving entities on maps


I would like to know how to use dash to animate entities like cars and pedestrians on maps. This example display the entities but here is no animation. How to make the dots move smoothly like in livemap24.com ?
Thank you for your help.

Here is a tutorial on periodically refreshing the data behind a chart: https://plot.ly/dash/live-updates

For maps (scattermapbox), these updates won’t be “smooth” right now. The map will redraw on every refresh. We will eventually modify dash_core_components.Graph so that the entire chart isn’t redrawn on every update (we will use Plotly.restyle instead of Plotly.newPlot).

If any company would like to sponsor this work, please reach out.

Thanks! Any idea on when this will be done ?

We do not have a definite date right now. My guess is within the next 4 months unless a company steps in to help prioritize and sponsor the work.

Maybe it can be done with the animate property of the Graph component, don’t you think ? See the first example here with the rangeslider.

@chriddyp any word on this update? Be great to have smooth moving objects on the map.

Thanks for any feedback.

Oh - found animate = True in dcc.Graph that works for the moving point redraw -issue.