Display Modal popup after filtering html table

I have a html table with 1.5k rows in my layout and column 1 of the table is a button and upon clicking the button a modal pops up shows column 5 & 6 of that particular row.

Thanks to this forum, I got it working. see here

Now, I have two dropdowns to filter the table. And on applying the filters, I get the updated table. But the button click on column1 no longer displays a modal popup.

I currently got it working by capturing Input set for each combination in the dropdown and writing a callback function for each of these combination and passing the Input set.

I want to know if there’s a better solution to it.

I have 12 values in dropdown 1 and 3 values in dropdown 2. So the total combination I am capturing is 36 sets of Input. I have a callback function for each of these input.

Also, for each of these inputs, I am specifying different modal (In total 36.since the output IDs have to be unique).

I am sure there is a better way to handle all of it. As I mentioned earlier, I am new to dash and still figuring out things.

Any help is much appreciated.